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Blackengorge Saga

Roleplaying Site

The Blackengorge Saga is a play-by-post roleplaying site using the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition ruleset. It is set in a rediscovered land nearly half a millenia after it was thought lost to a horde of creatures, a time known as the “Great Retreat”. A small township has been settled on this mainland and a group of adventurers arrive to explore the lands.

Starship Handbooks

Star Trek themed PDF ebooks

Starship Handbooks is a stunning collection of PDF ebooks featuring information, specifications and schematics of over 130 spacecraft from the Star Trek TV universe. With images and information researched and collated from dozens of sources, Starship Handbooks is a labour of love aiming to provide the definitive lowdown on the canon starships and auxiliary craft from across the seven TV series and ten movies of ‘prime universe’ Star Trek, all presented in a stylish LCARS-inspired format. The A5-sized PDFs are free to download as either handy 40 page individual volumes, or one massive 320 page definitive guide to the ships of Trek.

NFL Fantasy Football

The Escape Committee League

This ain’t soccer, and it ain’t just American football, it's ‘Anglo-American football’! The Escape Committee’s gridiron gurus go up against some of the top NFL fans from across both Yorkshire, UK and Kansas, US in a battle for fantasy football supremacy. Sunday nights will never be the same! Keep tabs on the ups and downs of the Escape Committee NFL Fantasy Football League right here.